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If you grew up on a steady stream of home improvement shows, you’re probably part of the do-it-yourself generation. We get it; who doesn’t enjoy getting their hands dirty and problem-solving on their own? Web design is one of those tricky businesses that is best left to professionals. We’ll walk you through why a DIY website may be more trouble than it’s worth. 

#1 Wave Goodbye To Customization

Unless you know how to build a custom website from scratch, you’re probably playing around with DIY website builders. That’s totally fine, especially when you’re on a budget. 

Unfortunately, it does mean you lose out on customization opportunities. As your business grows, you’ll want to stand out from the crowd and may need more interactive options. Adding those on at a later point can cost you a lot more than if you’d stretched your budget to a pro at the start.

#2 Lower SEO Opportunities

Here’s something Wix and WordPress don’t want you to know: they cannot compete with the SEO capabilities of a fully customized website. Some of these SEO issues were fixed in the past, but overall they still can’t keep up. 

If you’re in a very competitive industry, and let’s be honest, most industries are very competitive; you could be relegating the website you spend hours on to page 3 of Google. 

Sad Fact: 95% of possible site visitors only stay on the first page of search engines. We’ve all got places to be! 

#3 When Things Go Wrong

You’re 10 minutes into a critical product launch, and the sheer volume of site visitors has caused the inevitable: your site is down. Three, two, one…panic mode activated! Since you build your website, you can’t make a simple phone call for help. 

Result: You lose sleep and years of your life trying to fix the issue while your business hemorrhages customers. Instead, leave it to the specialists and use your own expertise where it’s needed in your business. 

#4 Experience and Insight

Especially if it’s your first time going rogue and building a DIY website, you do not have the experience necessary to recognize whether you’ve done a great job or just spent a lot of time on it. A professional can help you develop a website around brand strategy with impact. 

Your business deserves more than Aunt Emma’s lackluster attempt. When potential clients reach your site, they’ll see the amateur effect within a couple of clicks. 

#5 You Lack The Tools

Have you looked into what the entire Adobe suite costs recently? What about auditing tools, email marketing software, and competitor analysis? Building a website requires more than just the website tool itself. 

Understanding and purchasing the necessary tools can cost you far more than hiring a professional who comes equipped with the right tools. 


At BRANDLAND, we’re here to take care of the creativity and convincing your brand needs to get noticed and go far. Need impressive web design and compelling brand creation? Don’t be shy; say hello and find out how we can help transform your branding and marketing strategy.

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