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As we’ve hit the not-so-roaring 20s, social media presence is more important for businesses than ever. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok give you a chance to connect with your audience and customers directly. 

You may be well aware of its importance to your marketing strategy, but it keeps getting pushed to the back of the to-do list. Let’s explore some options for a manageable social media strategy! 

Social Media Presence 

As a company, your brand is one of the most critical assets of your business. After all, your brand is the secret sauce that is difficult to replicate and helps you stand apart. For your social media presence to support your success, it needs to be/have:

Compelling Content: it isn’t good enough to create just any type of content and put it in front of your audience. Your clients are intelligent, clever people, and hopefully, you’ve defined precisely who they are by analyzing the target audience. 

Consistent Content: many people mistake seeing social media as a one-time campaign that can be retired as soon as it has landed. Since social media moves quickly, the only way to stick out and stay with people is to make it a consistent habit. 

Develop Meaningful Relationships: social media is for having conversations, not monologues. That all-important algorithm that everyone keeps trying to hack? It’s looking for back and forth communications. This helps you grow a more substantial social media presence and allows you to get to know your audience better. 

Why Hire a Social Media Manager? 

Be honest with yourself. Do you need help from a social media management company? The DIY approach works well for some people, but if you’ve kept putting off establishing a consistent social media routine, it may be time to bring in the big guns and let someone else handle your social media. That’s us, BrandLand, in this metaphor. 

Some reasons you need professional social media help:

  • Ever-Changing Social Media Landscape: every platform is used differently by each generation. Are you expecting to keep track of every little algorithm change and trend? You’ve got crucial other business to tend to. 
  • Easy to Ignore: since ignoring social media doesn’t become evident till the house is already on proverbial fire, it becomes easy to ignore. And ignore. And ign…you get it. 
  • Reputation Management: When things go wrong or poor feedback comes in, you want a professional to be sat on the other end of the screen to turn a disaster into an opportunity. 
  • Audience Growth: A professional social media campaign will grow your audience in size and loyalty. 

About: BrandLand Social Media Management 

At BRANDLAND, we pride ourselves on being a land of creativity and convincing. Getting noticed in the social media landscape is a tough call, but we’ve always been up for a challenge. 

Don’t be shy; say hello, and discover how we can take your social media presence from lackluster to striking. Our team of expert wordsmiths and social media nerds will manage your social media for you compellingly and convincingly. 

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