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Good job! You’re launching your own business or brand and are finally taking steps to make your dream a reality. First on the list for most fledgling companies is creating a website to wow your audience. Web design isn’t easy, but thankfully it isn’t rocket science either. No physics doctorate is needed here! Let’s explore the five things every website must have to make your site development a breeze. 

Create a Website

We’re sorry to tell you this, but a rocking social media presence isn’t enough to launch yourself into the stratosphere of big impact business. 86% of consumers prefer companies to have websites over social media. 

Your website is the cornerstone of your online business. What does that mean?

The key is having a website, to begin with, no matter what freelance website designer you use or how you decide to host it. 

Top tip: Did you create a website for your business ages ago and want to know how you rank from awful to awesome? Brandland will take a look at your site and analyze it for free. 

Top 5 Things Your Website Needs to Have

Okay, you bought a domain, and now it’s time to make your website awesome. 

#1 Clear Descriptions

Have you ever clicked on a website and quickly left because you couldn’t figure out what the business was offering? It’s more common than you think. After all, you know exactly what your company does. Let someone read over your copywriting and tell you what services or items they think you offer based on just the website. This process can be enlightening! 

Avoid: Industry jargon is not your friend here. You can’t guarantee that your consumer will understand it. 

#2 Strong Call to Actions

Sometimes consumers need a slight leg up towards taking action. A call to action button such as CONTACT US TODAY leads to direct conversations, leading to business growth and conversion. Bingo, that’s what you want in a website.

#3 Compelling About Pages

Your about page shouldn’t be an afterthought. It is your number one spot to establish credibility and create trust. Get creative and show off your personality here. Are you stuck on where to start? Hate writing about yourself? Think all about: who, what, when, where, and why. 

#4 Glowing Testimonials

Don’t keep those good reviews to yourself. A happy customer is your biggest flex. Make sure to include customer quotes and case studies on your website. 

#5 Stellar Website Design 

A well-designed website will create a user experience that keeps customers coming back and helps your business grow. Keep your branding front and center. 

Remember: Accessibility and easy site navigation above being clever or cute. 


Has your website design and marketing strategy got you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Maybe it’s time to call the experts in. At BRANDLAND, we pride ourselves on being the ultimate destination for all things branding and marketing.

Don’t be shy, say hello, and discover how we can transform your website from dull to compelling! 

Pssst: the clever cookies over at Brandland also have this article on five marketing strategies you can’t ignore. 

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